Nov. 17 : I had a meeting with Ms.Tamura and Ms.Mitsuduka.


We decided to conclude our sewing practice at the end of October,because the grant from Miyagi pretecture ended for the 2016 fiscal year.We have how transitioned to the phase of receiving quality check from the instructor once a month.

10月29日朝、モン族に作って頂いた白いヘンプ(生成りのヘンプを何度も何度も煮て脱色したもの)をサリーハウスに届けました。その後、「食べない人 秋山弁護士」のチャリティーセミナーが仙台のル・ヴェールで開催されました。秋山先生は講演会の参加費の一部は、スーパネスンスアカデミックの被災女性雇用創出プロジェクトにご寄付頂きました。また、コーヒーを入れる為に使う伏流水をあらえびす様からご寄付頂きました。

Oct.29 Morning : I delivered the white hemp was (Ecru hemp boiled many times to be decolorized)that was made by the Hmong to Sally House. In the evening, Mr.Akiyama's(Lawyer Akiyama, the man of fasting) charity seminar was held in "Le Vert", Sendai. Part of the proceed of the seminar was donated to Supernaissance Academic project for weman. Also, I received underground water donation from Araebisu to use for brewing coffee.


October 12 : We practiced sewing collars for the men's pajama top out of hemp.


October 5:We made the collars and sleeves for the men's pajama top out of hemp. The members keenly realized the need of a careful preparations for this task. We also cut the hemp into sheets.



8月27日、キンバリー先生がサリーハウスを訪問致しました。ランチタイムは皆で持ち寄ったものでPotluck partyを致しました。その後、陸奥国分寺薬師堂に行き、新しくできたガイダンス施設に行きました。

August 27:Ms.Kimberly visited Sally House. Had a potluck party at lunchtime.

Next, we went to Yakushi-do Hall of Mutsu Kokubun-ji Temple,


and toured the newly constructed (guidance facility) information center.


August 24:Began working on pajama top for men with hemp.


Finished pajama pants, and had it inspected by the instructor from Mabuchi.


Aug.18:We reviewed how to use overlock sewing machine.Made pants for Men's pajamas.


Aug.10:Made pants for Men's pajamas with hemp.This picture is a sample of the top.


July.20:Worked on Men's medium and large pajamas. Completed cutting and marking of fabrics,under the supervision of Mabuchi Co.instructor.


June.25:Translated English into Japanese for surpernaissace website with Ms kimberly.


June.20:Using hemp, made sheets.


June.6:Using hemp, made apron.


June.5:Using hemp, made apron.


June.2:Using hemp, made strings for the apron.


June.1:The third stage started.Sally House members made aprons out of hemp linen, Triangle bandages and sheets .

5月25日、日本橋三越で開催されているグローバルグリーンキャンペーンに出展されているASABANプロジェクトのShuko Klausnerさんとサリーハウスのリネンのシーツや赤ちゃんの肌着について打合せを致しました。

May.25:Hiroko Kawahara and Shuko Klausner met about hemp sheets and baby clothes.


Shuko of ASABAN project currently has her work exhibited at the Global Green campaign at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department store.


May.19:Hiroko Kawahara went to see Olive, who is promoting the Hmong Project at the Thai Fair in Osaka Castle Park.

Ms Kozue and her daughter Cherry, from Chiang Mai interpreted.They live in Thai.


May 12: Ms. Hondo of wold Chefs with out Borders, Ms. Kozue from Chiang Mai, and Ms. Chiaki Ono of Funato Clinic met with Hiroko Kawahara in Asakusa. They met and discussed about future sheet and hospital gown (pajama) orders for Sally House as well as Hmong hemp .


May 2 : Using hemp, practiced sewing straight line.


April 27 : Using hemp, practiced sewing straight line.


April. 23: Studied how to write thank-you letters with Ms Kimberly.


April 21 : Ms. Tokuko Oikawa and Ms. Tamako Maekawa held the Sendai Tsukimachi Forum. We discussed Sally House’s mission for next term.


(traditional full-moon viewing party for women, turned, in our case, into a women's lunch session for talking and sharing problems.)


April 13 : The members had training on straight stitching for sheets with the help of an instructor from Mabuchi Co.,Ltd.


Mar. 30 : Another voluntary training on straight stitching etc for sheets.


Mar. 26 : The members had training on straight stitching for sheets with the help of an instructor from Mabuchi Co.,Ltd.


Mar. 21 : Received was prepped and material for four tote bags.Two totes were already completed.Later finished making the other two tote bags.


Mar. 13 : We had a meeting with the Sally House members on the activities for the next term at Hotel Metropolitan Sendai.

2017年3月12日、仙台市長町にある古民家レストラン「ビスターリ」でローズの会 第5回 「3.12つなげよう希望のひかり星空プロジェクト」を開催致しました。


March 12: The 5th “311 Let’s Join on the Light of Hope: Starry Sky Project” by Rose-no-kai (Rose Society) was held at “Bistari”, an old private house converted into restaurant. The candles made by the members of Sally House were lit with all the other lighting turned off at 20:46, and the Light of Hope was joined with the candles lit at the same time by those participating the 3.11 Starry Sky Project in various places in the world. We would like to express our hearty thanks to all those who participated in this activity.


Mar. 12: Studied how to write thank-you letters with Ms Kimberly.


March 9: Made luncheon mats and tote bags to present to Sendai Christian Child Care Institution, under the supervision of the instructor of Mabuchi Co., Ltd.


March. 2: Made aprons and triangle scarves by way of trial under the supervision of the instructor of Mabuchi Co., Ltd.

2017年2月28日、昨年に引き続き今年も4月に社会福祉法人仙台キリスト教育児院 丘の家乳幼児ホームに子ども用シーツを贈呈する事になりました。サリーハウスの3人でパッキングとメッセージを書きました。

Feb. 28: Having decided to make a gift of children’s bed-sheets to Oka-no-ue (On-the-hill) Baby Home of Social Welfare Corporation Sendai Christian Child Care Institution in April following last year, three members of Sally House packed them and wrote the message to go with them.


Feb. 26: Made aprons and triangle scarves by way of trial under the supervision of the instructor of Mabuchi Co., Ltd.


Feb. 23: Made aprons and triangle scarves by way of trial.

東日本大震災6年目の3月12日、今年も仙台市太白区長町にある古民家レストランびすた~りで『312つなげよう希望の光 星空プロジェクト』を開催します。稲吉紘実著「絵のない絵本-この星が絵でうめつくされたら」の朗読とピアノ演奏があります。サリーハウスの皆様が作ってくださったローソクに火を灯し、20時46分に部屋のあかりを一斉に消して、311星空プロジェクトに参加している世界中のいろいろな場所でローソクに火を灯している方々と希望の光をつなげます。20時46分、参加できない方も家族や大事な人と会話をして下さい。追悼の祈りを捧げて下さい。






    「般若心経 珠語訳」

     朗読   及川徳子

    ピアノ  前川珠子

    ソプラノ 竹林加寿子

    司会   及川徳子

【日時】3月12日(日) 19:00開演(18:30開場)

【場所】長町遊楽庵びすた~り 宮城県仙台市太白区長町3-7-1

    電話 022-352-7651

【料金】1名 3,500円(消費税込) ディナーとローソク付(飲み物は別途)

2017年2月18日、サリーハウスを代表して三塚あやさんが3月12日の『312つなげよう希望の光 星空プロジェクト』で使うローソクを作成して下さいました。

Feb. 18, 2017: Ms Aya Mitsuka, representing Sally House, made the candes for "312 Let's join the lights of hope: Hoshizora(Starry Sky) Project" on March 12.


Feb. 9: Made aprons and triangle scarves by way of trial under the supervision of the instructor of Mabuchi Co., Ltd.


Feb. 2:Due to the heavy snowfall, Ms Mitsuzuka and Ms Ichikawa could not come to Sally House, so we had a meeting with Sally House members on the future activities. Then, we discussed with Ms Oikawa and Ms Maekawa on TSUKIMACHI-KO (Moon Waiting Party) from May onward. Called on Mabuchi Co., Ltd. to choose materials for trial manufacture. 


Jan. 29: An instructor from Mabuchi Co., Ltd. gave us lesson in easy paper-pattern making for one-piece dresses.


Jan. 19: An instructor from Mabuchi Co., Ltd. gave us lesson in easy paper-pattern making for one-piece dresses.


Jan. 15: Studied how to write thank-you letters with Ms Kimberly.